New Release!


New Release Available!

at waters edge is now available on limited edition LP ($23) and for digital download only ($9) via bandcamp. The LP is limited to an edition of 300, and they are going fast!

The album was created and mastered specifically for LP, so, if you have the means to play an LP I highly recommend it: bonus, you still get the digital download with the LP, and you get the original liner art created by Graham McDougal, hand printed in Oberlin, OH.


In the not to distant past:

The Circuit Bent Bikestra was at the Cleveland Makers Fair this April 13th, 2013 at the Cleveland Public Library in Cleveland, OH. It was a lot of fun to participate, and showcased the new hand built circuits for Bikestra, or bicycle orchestra.  You can see the display bicycle in the short video below (be sure to turn the sound ON for maximum effect):

The schematic for the circuit on the bike: 555-bikestra-circuit


April 25th, 2013: a performance art piece titled “bi-product of labor”,  was performed at the R.D. Baron Gallery at 65 East College Street,Oberlin, Ohio 44074 and featured performances by Charles Glanders, Rebecca Fülöp, Tom Lopez, James O’Leary, Eastman Presser, and Harrod Suarez. In addition to the performance, “bi-product of labor” also exists as a public/crowd source concept project for 6 second video format, which invited participants to document their daily labor diversions and procrastinations and present them online in public forums. The project was initially designed for ENACT, and has sense been presented in Abu Dhabi at Studo 1054, a secret exhibition space in Abu Dhabi. The show, PVD-TLA, was curated by Maya Allison, and on exhibit from October 25, 2013 – late November 2013. “bi-product of labor” was a component of ENACT, curated by Anne Torke and Nannette Yannuzi.  ENACT is also part of “Present and Accounted,” a year-long 25th anniversary celebration of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival (1988-99). This will include performance art activity at venues such as MOCA, SPACES, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Oberlin College and others. The internet distributed version of “bi-product of labor” can be found here.    


Lyn Goeringer is an intermedia artist whose work focuses on the intersection of power, space, place, and the Everyday.

Currently, she teaches in the TIMARA program at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio.

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