Circuit Bent Bikestra

The circuit bent bikestra is a project that began in the spring of 2009.  The concept of the bikestra was simple:  how does one create instruments that can be played while riding a bicycle? For me, the answer was easy:  hold a two day workshop on circuit bending, invite a bunch of people to participate, and then figure out how to mount the projects on to the bicycles for a day of riding and sound intervention.

In spring of 2013, Bikestra returned and was a part of the Cleveland Mini-Makers Faire. For this event, several new instrument concepts were illustrated, focusing on small, easy to build sound circuits for bicycles. For the duration of the Mini-Faire, small demonstrations of how the circuits worked were given, and instructions were provided for attendees.

The schematic for the circuit on the bicycle above can be downloaded here:

555-bikestra-circuit with logo