ab: from/to

ab: from/to (2009)

a collaboration with choreographer Jürg Koch

Pushing forward, pulling back— the variables in life create fluctuations. A flutter in the belly, connection through a glance, the brush of a hand. Attention can waver at any moment. Fluctuating identity, to and from. But from what, and where to? One can never be completely sure where identities are concerned. Identities are not fixed, immobile. Identities are not a constant. Life is full of variables, and desire is not always a linear path.

Trio and group piece Duration: 20.00
On the Boards, Seattle

Northwest New Works
June 2009

A collaboration between Jürg Koch and Lyn Goeringer

Choreography: Jürg Koch
Video/sound/new media: Lyn Goeringer
Light: Lara Wilder
Text: from Exploration of Surfaces by Jeffery DeShell

Stage cast: Joseph Anderson, Alia Swersky, Jürg Koch

Video cast: Beth Graczyk, Kristin Hapke, Gregg Harbaugh, Danny Herter, Aiko Kinoshita, Kathryn Padberg, Aaron Schwartzman, Matt Smith

Audio Credits:

Musicians:  Lyn Goeringer (theremin, box, piano) and Dave Harrington (upright bass)

Spoken Text:  David Bering-Porter, Lyn Goeringer, Anita Starosta.

A very special thank you to Christian and Hanna Bergström for their field recordings that they provided for this project as well.

Performance video: Thom Heileson

Created with support from: Allied Arts Foundation, UW Dance Program, Peter Bracilano, Alex Danilchick, Brown University Music Department, On the Boards, Beth Graczyk, Mark Haim, Mark Zappone, Giorgia Aiello, Yulia Arakelyan, Jeannette Bigler, Phil Bereano, Courtney Clouse, JoJo Corväiá, Kristie DeVadder, Crispin Faber, Dominique Gabella, Anne Green Gilbert, Thomas Greer, Tim Summers, Carol Young