Quadralight (2008)

Designed to function both as intervention and as a game, Quadralight is a four person interactive performance project.

quadralight on the beach

The project is a small wooden box with sixteen red LED’s mounted on the surface in a four by four square.  A wooden pole, approximately two and a half feet long, extends out from each of the four sides with a clip an the end. Participants are asked to clip into this pole with a rope belt.

Checking the balance System

The goal of the game is to keep the device level.  When the device is not level, a buzzer will sound, and the lights will indicate the non-level side by lighting up on the side nearest the participant who is lower than the other participants.

players pivot to challenge each other

Wearing this device, players are then asked to navigate the urban landscape at night.

Navigating the streets of Provicetown, MA with Quadralight.